Midwest Marble & Granite

This post is a sneak peak inside of our (Nick & Deniece Stambaugh) kitchen countertop update. We will also showcase the backsplash tile. There is still some work that needs to be done with the ceiling lighting and cabinet refinishing. Since we see granite everyday and knew what would (and would not) work the best in our kitchen, picking the granite was easy-peasy. We purchased the house a few years ago and still haven’t decided on if we are going to replace the floors or not…the kids might help us figure this out in a few more years. Here is a little before and after.


The before was a typical 1998 builder-grade style kitchen for the countertops and the backsplash. The countertops were light laminate and the backsplash was 4×4 white ceramic tiles. Honestly, going from granite countertops in our old house to laminate countertops in the new house was a HUGE adjustment. It was like we were taking 5 steps forward (buying the house) and 3 steps back (not being able to utilized the countertop space). We spend A LOT of time in the kitchen and we like to cook for family. So, not being able to use the countertops to their full potential was discouraging. When we had granite countertops, we could put baked cookies on the surface to cool them down, hot pots and pans could be placed directly on the surface, clean up was easier and didn’t take as much time, etc. The seam was also in the middle of the sink cutout, which became unsanitary.

The before sink was a top-mount stainless steel double-bowl sink. Dirt, food, and grime would collect at the edges of the sink and get pushed under the lip when trying to clean that area. The garbage disposal was on the right-hand side originally with the dishwasher on the left-hand side (dishwasher stayed in place in the after).

We did the tile tear-out ourselves….some tiles were easier to pop off than others. With a little tap here and there though, it was fairly simple to take off.


The granite that was installed is called Brownie and it is a dark-brown patterned material. The edge profile is a 1/2 bullnose with the outside corners at a 1″ and 2″ radius. The sink we chose is a Blanco granite composite Precis 1-3/4 double bowl in anthracite. The faucet was the Delta faucet from before…we have not gotten a new faucet yet. There are 2 seams in the long sink run but no one can ever tell because our install crew is amazing!

The new backsplash tile is a 3×6 glass tile (from Daltile) in a brick set with a glass tile accent strip (also from Daltile).

Please note that not all granite surfaces will allow hot items (food, pots, pans, etc) to be placed right onto the surface. Please consult with a granite fabricating company before doing so. The best recommendation for hot items on the surface is to use pot holders and/or trivets.