Kansas City Granite Countertops Installed – Now What? Continued…

This post is a continuation from last week's post about what to expect after granite countertops are installed. Granite and Tile Installation -  About 85% of the time, a customer will replace their existing tile when purchasing granite countertops. Once granite is installed with existing tile backsplash, it can make the tile look even more Read More »


Our remnant pieces are in high supply right now. We have all different sizes and colors to purchase, whether it be for a small kitchen or a large vanity. Also, we have a few sale racks for the smaller vanities. If you are thinking about updating a room in your house and don't want to Read More »

Process of Updating Kitchen Countertops

Updating your kitchen countertops? Of course calling Midwest Marble & Granite should be the first step but we'll just throw out there that contacting a fabricating company should be at the top of the list. Unless you are already working with a contractor, designer, or builder, in which case, then you should check with them first. Read More »