Kansas City Granite Countertops – 10 Years of Business!

Midwest Marble & Granite LLC has been in business for 10 years! 10 years seems to fly by when you're having fun...faster than they used to when things were more simple. When we reminisce about this realization, many things come to mind. There have been so many changes, goods, bads, laughs, cries, stresses (good and Read More »

Kansas City Granite Countertops – Poultices

Please keep in mind that this information refers to poultices that can be used with granite countertops only. We are obtaining knowledge about poultices (if they exist) for other stone materials. Below is a list of possible stains and how to address the stains with homemade and non-homemade poultices. Oil, makeup, grease, milk - Mix one cup of Read More »

Kansas City Granite Countertops – Remnant

We made it through Halloween!! Yay! Next up...Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a GREAT time to update a vanity countertop...window sil(s)...bookshelves...basically any surface where you can place a stone top would be a conversation starter for family and friends to gawk over. Who doesn't love to show off their home and any modifications that have been made Read More »